A 5 Step Guide to Gym Confidence

Trust me, I know the feeling. The feeling brought on by that inner voice telling you you’re simply ‘not good enough’, or ‘shouldn’t be here’ because you just ‘don’t fit in’. That overwhelming sense of trying to hide in the corner, scared of ‘doing it wrong’, fearing what other people think of you and judging your own body and capabilities against other members who look ‘so much better’. That frustrating feeling of pushing yourself to your absolute limit, whilst watching other people ‘working so much harder’ and actually believing that you’ll ‘never be able to do that’. Well, guess what. We ALL get those feelings sometimes. And guess double’y what? YOU CAN GET PAST IT! Because YOU are incredible and you’ve totally got this.💪

Confidence is something which I personally have struggled with ever since being little. And even now I often find myself acting confident in certain situations yet at the same time feeling this overwhelming sense of uncertainty and self-doubt inside. It’s something which I seem to have adapted to over time, but I am slowly finding myself growing much stronger in the self-belief side of things, and I do genuinely put this down to an increase in confidence at the gym.

Now I know that it’s not just me who found the gym a tough cookie to crack in the beginning, and even now, I sometimes have sessions where I’m lacking in a little self-worth. So here we are! A blog post detailing the 5 most important steps, in my opinion, to achieving self-confidence at the gym. I hope it helps! 😘❤️


Step 1 – Power up with a BOSS GIRL PLAYLIST!


Forget the world and simply focus on the music playing in your ears. I always find that motivational music is best and the SWEAT playlist for PWR, created by Kelsey Wells, is absolutely perfect! Check it out on Apple Music, here.

Step 2 – Stop worrying about other people judging you.


Sometimes it can feel overwhelming when there are so many people working out around you, and we can easily jump to the conclusion that a glance from someone else means they’re staring at us because we’re ‘doing it wrong’. But please, DO NOT WORRY! Remember that everyone at the gym is there for this reason: to workout. They’re ultimately focusing on their own session and their own form, so don’t worry – they’re not keeping a check on yours! ☺️⚡️

Step 3 – Don’t be afraid to use the mirror.


The mirror is essential: It allows us to check our form to make sure we are performing each exercise correctly. Never feel embarrassed to use the mirror, because it’s SO important to know that we’re working out effectively. It is NOT considered ‘vain’, nor is it uncommon!🙏

Step 4 – Stop comparing yourself.


It can become a habit to compare ourselves to others especially in an environment where we may feel vulnerable, such as the gym. But know that in comparing yourself to others, you are only damaging yourself, and you are worth SO much more than that.🙏

Everyone is at a different stage on their journey to improved health and fitness. Whether it be their first session back after having a baby or their sixth session in one week, we are ALL on different pages and all have a different idea of what success looks like. There are so many different factors which affect each of us in different ways, so PLEASE, do NOT compare yourself to someone else because you are unique, and your journey is ultimately bespoke to YOU.❤️

Step 5 – SMILE!


With so much concentration and effort, sometimes the gym can seem a little unfriendly and personally, I put this down to a lack of one thing – Smiling!

Even a simple smile to ourselves in the mirror can boost our mood, so if you’re maybe feeling down or a little low on your next workout, try hitting someone up with a quick smile. Hey, you may even make a new friend out of it! 💪

Love, Bea xx

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