Meal Prep: The real game changer

Meal Prep (Short for Meal Preparation) simply means planning your meals in advance to save time and money. This is a habit shared commonly by health and fitness professionals.

What does Meal Prep entail?
Meal preparation doesn’t have to be a huge task and it’s important to remember that you don’t need to prepare every single meal. It’s designed to fit around you and your own lifestyle, so take it easy! 🙌

For example, if you find yourself rushing into Costa most mornings for a takeaway brekkie but have no problem for time when it comes to lunch and dinner, you may only need to prepare breakfast in advance. Similarly, if you have meetings during the day and find yourself rushing over lunchtime, you might only need to focus on preparing lunches. Everybody is different, so try to plan around your own schedule.

How do I get started?
The first step in becoming a successful Meal Prepper is to invest in some trusty containers! (Woop woop🎉)
I’d recommend a set of airtight, rectangular containers with secure lids. If you plan to prepare food you’ll need to heat up, it’s a good idea to ensure your containers are microwavable, too.

Step two of successful meal prepping is to plan out exactly which meals you’ll be preparing, what recipes you’ll be cooking, and write a list of ingredients for each meal. Combine the ingredients together into one big shopping list and you’re ready to go!

Step three – Time to prepare!
Once you have all your ingredients, it’s time to prepare each meal.

Top tip! It’s important to think about the types of meals you are preparing, when you should prepare them, and how they should be stored. For example, once cooked, Meat should not be kept in the fridge for more than a couple of days so it’s a good idea to ensure you don’t cook it too far in advance. Other foods such as potatoes or apples can go brown once cut into pieces, in which cases I would advise preparing in the morning or at earliest, the night before. 🌙

Finally, step number four to successful Meal Preparation is storage.
Once you have finished cooking and preparing your meals, you need to make sure they are stored safely to prevent spillages and most importantly, the risk of food poisoning. I personally freeze the majority of my meals which allows me to consume them safely at a later date.

If you’re considering meal prep, I hope this post helps! I promise you, planning your meals in advance is a real game changer. 😘💪

-Bea xx

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