Weight Loss VS Fat Loss

We often hear people share stories that they’ve ‘lost weight’. This is normally when there is a decrease seen in the number on the scale. But what does Weight Loss really mean and is this what we should be striving for?

It’s important to note that body weight is dynamic: It’s always changing. This is why, if you jumped on the scales at breakfast time, your body weight would be lighter than if you jumped on right before going to bed.

Fluctuations in our body weight are caused by a number of things. For example; the amount of water you’ve had to drink 💦, the food you have eaten 🍉, and how often you have been to the toilet 🚽.

Remember: Your body weight fluctuations are not a reflection of your eating or exercise habits from that day!

Top tip❗️
Don’t get caught up with the number on the scales because it’s not always an accurate reflection of your progress.

The scales cannot distinguish between the levels of water, muscle and fat we have in our bodies. This means that if you lose 1lb on the scales, for example, this could be 1lb of fat, 1lb of water, 1lb of muscle.. or a combination of these body masses. This overall drop in weight defines the term ‘Weight Loss’.

‘Fat Loss’ refers solely to the amount of fat which is lost from your body composition – This generally results in better muscle definition and tone. Fat takes up more room in our bodies than muscle does, and this is why we usually see better results from Fat Loss as opposed to Weight Loss.

Top tip❗️
Muscle weighs heavier than fat so don’t feel disheartened if your weight increases when you’re toning up or building muscle.

I hope this blog post helps clears up the difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss, but most importantly I want you to remember that it’s always better to focus on how you FEEL rather than the results you see on the scale or in the mirror. 😘

– Bea xx

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