A Guide to Active Gifting

The festive season is upon us! And with all the laughter, joy, gifting and gathering always comes a wealth of happiness and sense of togetherness. That’s when the celebrations begin, of course, but the build-up to festive cheer can almost feel quite stressful.. especially when it comes to Christmas gifting.

Lucky for you guys, I’ve put together this neat little Christmas Gift Guide for the active ladies in your life! Consisting of my top 10 recommended gifts this season, what better idea than to give someone a helping hand in their health and fitness journey? You can check out some of my festive faves, below😘👇


A shiny new pair of sneakers!
New activewear is almost as motivating as watching Kelsey Wells or Kayla Itsines slay their workouts on Instagram, and a new pair of trainers is no exception! Plus, with so many styles out there to choose from, you really can’t ever have too many. My top pick this year is the APL Techloom Pro in ED Clay/Sea Salt/White (Lots of other colours available, too!). They’re luxe, lightweight, and perfectly cushioned no matter what the workout! 💖


Buy now at StyleRunner.com: https://www.stylerunner.com/APL-TECHLOOM-PRO-2-2-002-218-635


Next up on the holiday gift guide is a solid, trendy gym bag! Gym bags are key🔑 for early morning sessions and, they need to be strong enough to fit in all the essentials! (Think towels, water, another set of clothes, protein shaker, makeup etc.)

There’s a range of different bag styles you can choose from but my personal favourite is a good, strong, well-designed backpack. A great choice for a super luxurious gift would be the Genesis backpack by TIA Great Britain. Check it out at tiagreatbritain.co.uk.




Have you ever heard the saying ‘Gym gloves are a girl’s best friend?’ Nope, me neither😂.. however, Gloves are SO IMPORTANT to those who lift weights! They protect the hands from blistering which normally occurs just below the fingers or along the creases in the palm, most commonly caused by gripping weights or metal bars. My recommendation would be this pair of Nike Extreme Fitness Gloves, available for just £15 at JD. You can check them out, here.




Hydrate to feel great, right?! 😆💦 Yes! And a super cute Water Bottle which matches your gym clothes is the best reminder to keep sipping. There are so many different kinds of bottles out there, many of which have really cool features such as keeping your water cold, or filtering it as you drink. Have a good search online.. there’s plenty to choose from!

My favourite style right now is the ‘All Black’ bottle from Chilly’s. This particular bottle is from their ‘Mono’ range in the Cool Bottles section. and these specific styles are designed to keep your water ICE COLD❄️ for up to 24hrs.. that’s regardless of what temperature faces the outer side!

Buy now at Chilly’s Bottles (£22)

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 18.58.07.png


Activewear is, without a doubt, the greatest ever fashion statement. It’s comfy, performance-driven, looks amazing, and… you can wear it for *almost* any occasion. Whether you’re lazing around watching films, cleaning the house, taking the dog for a walk, going into work or attending a lunch-date.. activewear is always an option. Heck, you could even wear it to the gym if you wanted to! 😉💪

Nothing beats a power outfit, and a killer look this season is definitely one taken from a leader in all things Athleisure, Koral.

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 19.44.35.png

[Featured above] Koral ‘Fame Energy’ Sports Bra and ‘Rhys’ Mid Rise Energy Legging.

L O V E! 😍❤️


A trusty pair of headphones are an absolute MUST for anybody who takes part in regular training, and my #No.1 recommendation would be the new Apple AirPods. Their wireless buds and expert technology makes them a leader in luxury gym accessories. A perfect gift for the hardcore trainer 💪







Foam Rollers are designed to give you the best support possible for post-workout recovery. Combining both smooth and bumpy textures, foam rollers act similar to massage therapy, which is fantastic to help reduce muscle tension, minimise post-workout soreness and improve overall flexibility.

There are many different types of foam rollers to choose from, one of my favourites being those which target deep tissue. A good example is this Deep Tissue Massage Foam Roller I found on Amazon [featured below]. Check it out, here!

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 19.57.50.png


Is your recipient looking to intensify their workout? If so, a nice new pair of Ankle Weights could be the perfect gift! The added resistance of ankle weights will allow them to intensify their workout, which can help to strengthen and shape their lower body.

A pair which I personally own and would recommend to anybody are the SWEAT all-black ankle weights, bought directly from KaylaItsines.com. They really do add instant style to your workout and can be packed neatly into their own case when you’re finished!






Choose from the 1kg set, perfect for new users, or step up to the 2kg set when you’re ready to challenge yourself!


Long hair + exercise + weak bobbles = ❌

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling your hair slide out of a bobble when you’re working out… trust me😅 and so, if you’re looking for a really useful gift this Christmas, a trusty bunch of fail-safe bobbles really would be a fantastic option. From personal experience, the only bobbles which seem to work effectively are those known as ‘Spiral Hair Toggles’ and you can buy a super-cute pack of 5 from Sweaty Betty for just £5.00!

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 20.10.23.png



The final recommendation in my Guide to Activewear Gifting this Christmas is a year subscription to SWEAT!

Whether they’re looking to get fit with Kayla, become powerful with Kelsey, increase their flexibility with Sjana, tone with Chontel or build with Stephanie, SWEAT really does have a programme for everyone. It’s the fitness regime and trainers I am so grateful to, helping women all over the globe to become fit, healthy, and confident.❤️



I hope this post helps you in the search for the perfect gift, and please do let me know your thoughts in the comment box. In addition, if you’ve got something else in mind which you think should be featured, please share them below!👇

– Bea xx

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