A midnight message🌙


If you’re following my blog or check my Instagram (@bea.sweats) from time to time, you may have noticed that I (accidentally!) ended up disappearing for a good while.. and for that, I am so sorry!

I seemed to get quite caught up in other ventures, life-happenings, work-related thingy-ma-bobs, dips in and out of poorliness and more.. the general beings of life I guess! But more than anything I’ve come to realise just how much health and fitness mean to me. The gym really is my time – It’s a chance for me to enjoy myself, relax my mind, and focus on me. It’s ultimately where my passion lies, and now it’s time to buckle down and really get stuck in!💪

I’m so glad you’re on this venture with me! ❤️

– Bea xx

PS: This midnight message really was filmed last night.. at midnight.. as you may guess from my muddled-up sleepy wording! 😂😴

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