Returning Stronger

Hey everyone!

So this is a super super spaced out post and for those of you who have sent me (such kind!) messages on Instagram, I apologise for disappearing for so long!

To give you the low-down on what’s been going on, I’ve had a couple of rough few months; It started with being involved in a minor car crash to some developing issues with my own health which led me to having to stop training and focus on giving my body a break and time to heal.

Although being unable to train, one of the things I have missed most about not training is the sense of achievement and building so many social and engaging relationships within this ‘fit community’. I had completely taken for granted the conversations, friendships, encouragement and general buzz I get from being able to talk to all you guys and share our fitness journeys, and so to say I’m extremely excited to be back, is much of an understatement!

Aside from the negatives, I have been fortunate in finding many positives within the past few months though, too; I started a new job, have qualified as a Mental Health First Aider, spent some quality family-time on a short holiday to Cornwall, planned a new business venture, Sam has finished (And done so so well at!!) University, and I’ve managed to pluck up the courage to address a few personal issues and share my bottled up thoughts and feelings with the people I love and care about the most. There’s a cloud to every rainstorm and I’m happy to say the weather is finally improving.

So back to fitness! I hope you’ve all been doing amazing in my absence (I’m sure you have been!).. and as I’ve missed what feels like an eternity, please let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below!👇

Perhaps you’ve reached for a new weight number this week? Or managed to do one extra pull-up? Maybe you’ve made it through Kayla Week 7 legs.. something you thought you’d never be able to do? Whatever it is, fitness or non-fitness related, let me know one thing you’re proud of yourself for achieving recently down below – I can’t wait to read them! ❤️

As for me, well, today I have completed my first week back of training – PWR Week 7👊  WOO HOO!! Honestly, it’s never felt SO good! PWR Week 8.. tomorrow, I’m coming for ya!

Oh, and PS! I’ll now be posting way more regularly again so don’t think you’re getting rid of me again anytime soon 😉

Love, Bea xx


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Enjoying a family holiday to Cornwall (Pictured above)


Our last weekend in Bristol! Super incredibly proud of Sam over the past 4 years, he has worked so so hard and deserves such amazing things – Graduation next week! (Stay tuned) ❤️


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