Welcome to BEA SWEATS Videos!

So last week I shared one of my own personal goals for this year on Instagram, which is to create more video content. It’s something which I’ve always wanted to do, but I’ve always been too scared to actually start.

After posting my goal, I started to receive lots of messages back from you guys with details on what your own plans are for this year, and exactly what you want to achieve. To say the least, after reading through all of your incredible plans, you guys absolutely inspired me to work towards smashing my goal and conquering my fears, too!

So, as promised, here is my first video post here on BEA SWEATS with a little taster of what you can expect to come from me very soon!✨

Don’t forget that I absolutely LOVE hearing from you guys, and it’s always SO inspiring for me to listen to your goals and achievements. If you want to share your challenges this year, please feel free to either direct message me or leave a comment below! Let’s smash 2018 together😘💪.

-Bea x

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