MIA: A Weekend Away

Happy Tuesday everybody!

So as promised on Instagram yesterday, this post was totally supposed to be written and shared last night, but sadly the day just seemed to get well away from me in the end. I did however receive a cute little email from WordPress this morning, which informed me that today is the One Month Birthday of my little blog, BEA SWEATS! Can you believe it? A WHOLE MONTH of blogging and connecting with you guys! Yesss💪❤️❤️ Not only did that particular email make my day, but it also reminded me that there’s never been a more perfect time to share this article.✨

As I mentioned on my Instagram post, this weekend I travelled down to Bristol to see my boyfriend, Sam. It was Valentines weekend, and we thought it’d be perfect to spend some time together in such a great city!


I drove down to Bristol on Friday morning which took me around 3.5 hours in total. The drive was really easy, and not long after arriving we headed straight to Boston Tea Party for brunch. BTP is hands down my faaaaaaavourite British café, ever. But the only downside that is that Boston Tea Party is only really based in the South! (For anyone with inside contacts – Please share this with BTP bosses.. I will take full responsibility for the North!🙌)  But seriously, even I was unaware of how much I needed a combination of Salmon, scrambled egg, toast, a chocolate milkshake, and some sweet potato fries! Lol (🙄😂).

PS! Surely we’re not the only ones who have super crazy food combinations? Let me know your weird & wacky favourite foods in the comments below! 

The remainder of Friday was really chilled out – We wandered down to Clifton Suspension Bridge, had a drink in the White Lion Bar (a place where the bar staff must know us by first names at this point🙈), and later on we ventured out again for an amazing dinner and drinks.

Clifton Suspension Bridge – Image Credit: blocmagazine.co.uk

Drinks was at our favourite Bristol speakeasy, Hyde&Co. And without giving too much away, it’s pretty epic and I’d definitely recommend visiting there. If you’re unsure of where best to start with the bar’s unique styled menu, I’d propose starting with the ‘Sleeping Giant’ cocktail. It’s SO GOOD! 😍

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 20.30.40.png
Hyde&Co Entrance Door – Image Credit: http://keywordsuggest.org/gallery/94353.html



On Saturday we took the slightly less relaxed approach. We started, filled, and ended the day with Cheese. And it couldn’t have been feta.

It all started with Cheesy beans for breakfast, which formed an integral part of our incredible Full English to fuel us for the mammoth climb we had ahead of us. After a standard post-breakfast nap, we drove 40 minutes to Cheddar Gorge where we spent the majority of the day hiking up and down the incredible scenery. Honestly, it was one of the best walks I’ve ever been on! And we totally found the best spot in England to enjoy a Sausage Butty – Check it out!

Sadly my iPhone wasn’t as much of a trooper as we were and powered out shortly after we reached the top, but nevertheless, take a look at these crazy stats from the ascending hike!

Stats from Cheddar Gauge

It started to go dark around 5.30pm so we decided to head back to Bristol, and despite the  incredible sense of sleepiness, we cooked ourselves a homemade Lasagne and went straight back down to the Suspension Bridge.

Clifton is just so beautiful at night, and if you ever get a chance, please visit the bridge when it’s dark. The lights are so pretty, and the view is (believe it or not) even more incredible in the evening!

Clifton Suspension Bridge at night – Image Credit (Yours Truly!😘)

All in all a fantastic day! It really was grate. (Sorry!)



On Sunday we decided to go for another really lovely walk around Ashton Court. The views and grounds of Ashton court Manor House are simply beautiful, andd we saw Deer too! (I love them so much! 🙈❤️)

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 20.15.06.png
Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/-L8BLlDfgv/?taken-by=ashton_court_

To be home and get ready for work on Monday I needed to leave Bristol quite early at 2pm which did suck a little, but after a long journey home I was super thankful for one of the best ever weekends. Jam packed with amazing food, lots of LISS and amazing memories❤️

Remember that it’s all about balance.

-Bea x

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  1. Valerie says:

    What a lovely weekend! The Cheddar Gorge looks so beautiful!

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