My Favourite Activewear Brands Right Now!

Activewear is a blessing from the Gym Gods – Not only can it make you feel fit & fierce, but activewear is globally known to host some of the comfiest items of clothing on the planet for us females: Yoga pants, I’m looking at you!

Activewear can be used as a motivator to kickstart us back up again when we’re feeling low on mental strength to exercise, act as warm layers when we’re working out in chilly conditions, and in general just being all-round feel good pieces of greatness to instantly brighten our moods. There’s only one thing I dislike about Activewear.. and that’s the fact I can’t wear it all day every day! (Not just yet.. anyway💪).

As most of you will have seen from my Instagram, I’ve been pretty poorly this week and so not being able to do any training *sob!😢*. But what I have been doing in the meantime (subconsciously), is searching the web for some fresh new workout gear.. and to my surprise, I’ve found some incredible new brands! It’d be rude not to share my research with you guys, so this weekend I thought I’d put together a post of my favourite new outfits for a lil bit of gym-wardrobe inspiration!


ADANOLA (https://adanola.comQuality: 8/10 Price: ££ Popularity: 10/10

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 15.48.57.png

ADANOLA is an activewear dream.

Pushing themselves as a Zara themed activewear brand, my favourite thing about ADANOLA is the style of their clothing – They have some amazing two piece sets, with super cute styled bralets to make you feel pretty whilst retaining practicality when working out.

My absolute favourite style from ADANOLA right now is the above Classic High Waist Navy Leggings with the Scoop Wrap Bra. Soft to touch and comfy to either lounge or push yourself in, I could live in this combo on the daily.


VICTORIAS SECRET SPORT ( 9/10 Price: £££ Popularity: 7/10

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 15.49.36.png

Ahh Victorias Secret – The incredible brand known to dress Victorias Secret Angels such as Romee Strijd, Taylor Hill and Josephine Skriver. Although a brand investing most of its efforts into a collection of expensive lingerie, Victorias Secret also promote their own range of amazing Activewear, which is exceptionally stylish yet comfortable with a flattering fit, too.

My favourite Activewear from Victorias Secret right now include the New Fleece Hoodie in Grey with the Pink Lightweight Sports Bra and Black Knockout By Victoria Sport Tights. I’m so weak when it comes to a good Grey hoodie with some Black leggings, and I really feel like the little hint of pink on the sports bra livens up this adorable three piece combination for a gym routine any time of day.


ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY ( 10/10 Price: ££££ Popularity: 5/10

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 15.52.36.png

Stella McCartney is an incredible designer, world famous for her signature Falabella bags which mix soft suede with metal chains almost perfectly – And that’s exactly what she continues to do in her new collaboration with Activewear expert, Adidas.

I’d be lying to you if I said I had a favourite style from this game-changing Activewear collection because truthfully, I LOVE IT ALL😍 But.. if I had to pick just one item from Stella McCartney x Adidas it’d for sure be the Black Performance Essential Long Tights. Can we just take a second to appreciate how amazing these really are?!

The only, and when I say only, I literally mean.. only, downside to the Stella McCartney x Adidas range is the hefty price tag. Relatively high prices to pay for activewear in comparison to many other brands in the marketplace, but a price tag fit for quality pieces designed to last.


P.E NATION ( Quality: 9/10 Price: ££££ Popularity: 6/10

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 17.30.37.png

I came across P.E Nation on Instagram. As part of my usual routine, I was scrolling through my fitness feed and saw a post from Kayla, wearing a two-piece set from the iconic new brand. I suppose as an Australian brand, it makes sense that I’d not come across them due to living on the other side of the world.. but I’m SO glad I finally have! ❤️ Their range of Activewear is very on-trend and fancy, but just as Adidas x Stella McCartney, their style and quality is reflected in their prices.

I don’t currently own any items from P.E nation, but if I were to pick a killer-combo to workout in, it would definitely be the White Quantum Tank with the Black Contender Legging. After reading reviews posted online, P.E Nation is an established brand with a high reputation built on their excellent quality and product design, and so I’d say it’s absolutely an Activewear brand to invest in.


Which are your go-to brands for Activewear? Let me know your favourites because I’d love to check them out! 😘

-Bea xx

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