My Top #10 Tips to Stay Motivated through Cardio Sessions!

Hey there!

So this morning I did an hour session of cardio, which was 60 minutes of my life I chose to dedicate to the Cross Trainer. And although my will power pushes me to do this four times per week, I promise you it’s never not (at least a little bit of) a struggle. After talking to a few of you guys on Instagram, I’ve come to realise that it isn’t just me who finds it hard to push through endurance cardio sessions which is SO amazing to hear – We’re totally in this together. So I thought I’d share my own personal tips which help me get through the weekly cardio craze.


#Tip1 – Break it down.

‘Right, 20 mins left.. so thats 2 x 10 mins.. which is totally only 4 x 5 minutes.. and soooo I’m basically finished!’

I love breaking my cardio sessions down like this in my mind. I’m not the greatest at Maths either, so I guess my incorrect sums make it seem as though I’m done quicker than I think! 🙈✌️


#Tip2 – Yell out ‘HOME STRETCH!’ on your last 10 minutes!

Ok – So if I’m on the cross trainer in the gym and around a tonne of people, I’ll admit I don’t scream this from the top of my lungs. But I do say it in my head, and recognising checkpoints like this in my mind really is a great way to keep me pushing.


#Tip3 – Reward yourself every 5 minutes with some water

I’ll not lie to you – it isn’t a champaign-tasting treat, but I find it a really amazing way to reward myself and track my progress when I’m doing cardio. When I cut my cardio down into these little chunks and my mind recognises that I get a ‘reward’ when I hit each of these checkpoints, it really does motivate me to keep going! (And I’m awful for forgetting to drink enough water, so it’s a win-win tactic!)


#Tip4 – Figure out your halfway point, and treat it as though it’s the end.

Especially with Cross Training in the gym, I visualise my session as though I’m outside on a run. For example – 60 minutes cross training session = A 30 minute outdoor run (in my head). Once I’ve completed 30 minutes, I’ve reached the furthest distance and therefore the ‘end’ point of my run in my head.. so the last 30 minutes of my cardio session is simply just ‘the way back’, which I visualise as easier. 

This might not work for everybody, but it definitely helps me stay motivated when I’m completing endurance cardio sessions.


#Tip5 – Get yourself a KILLER playlist.

Music is a fantastic way to stay motivated and push yourself to the maximum. Choosing the right playlist can pump you up, give you energy, and make you feel happier when completing your cardio session. Another great benefit of a killer playlist is that you can’t hear whats going on around you, so you’re focusing on the energy of the songs playing. You can move to the beat or even listen to the words of motivational songs to give you a boost. I’d honestly say this is one of the greatest methods of staying sane through endurance cardio.

Stuck for playlist ideas? Check out my favourite cardio tracks at the moment to get you started! ☺️

  1. Body – Loud Luxury
  2. IDGAF – Dua Lipa
  3. The Middle – ZEDD, Maren Morris, Grey
  4. Light My Body Up – David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne
  5. Over – Drake
  6. Jungle (Remix) – X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons, Jay – Z
  7. Row The Body – Taio Cruz, French Montana
  8. Breathe – Jax Jones, Ina Wroldsen
  9. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark – Fall Out Boy
  10. African Bad Gyal – Wizkid, Chris Brown


#Tip6 – Train with a friend!

Ahhh the power of conversation.. a cardio gem! Maybe you’re having a chat about what went down last weekend, or what outfit you’re wearing for next week’s works do.. the power of conversation can be so engrossing that you can actually forget you’re even training! But there’s a danger here, as it can be quite easy to lower the intensity when having a conversation, so just ensure you’re both pushing together and don’t let each other slip form.


#Tip7 – Don’t look at the time

If there’s one tip here which I’d rate as the most important.. it would definitely be this one. Please, I beg you.. do not watch the clock.

There’s nothing more disheartening than feeling as though you’ve been running for half an hour when in reality you’ve only been running for 6 minutes.. so honestly, save yourself and just don’t focus on the time. It’s the same principle as waiting for food to come out of the microwave.. a minute really can seem like a long time. But I promise you that in focusing on something else rather than worrying about the minutes, you’ll have a much more enjoyable session.


#Tip8 – Wack on a motivational or interesting podcast

I love listening to podcasts when I’m doing cardio, because it’s a way of multi-tasking and I find it really beneficial to not only my health and fitness, but my working productivity as well. For those of you who might not know, I work full time and run my own business alongside my health and fitness. And with having your own business I’m finding comes a lot of inexperience, and feeling as though I have a ‘lack of direction’. I take my cardio sessions as an opportunity to listen to podcasts to enhance my business knowledge on topics such as Marketing and Growth strategies. I always say that the majority of my business ideas stem from the cross trainer and to be honest, it’s true! The only issue I seem to find is that it’s hard to write notes when you’re sweating on a gym machine.. 😂. But for anybody who’s looking for a way to spruce up their cardio regime, there’s millions of Podcasts you can listen to. Many of which allow you to learn new things, give you ideas, and some Podcasts are even designed to keep you motivated! So I’d definitely recommend checking those out!


#Tip9 – Don’t listen to your mind

Sometimes the hardest thing about cardio can be our own minds. How many times have you started running on the treadmill and heard that little voice in your head tell you how much you reallllllly can’t be bothered today. For me – This happens a lot of the time. But the trick is to simply block out that voice and focus on something else which is happening right in that moment. For example, you could focus on listening to the words of the music you have playing, focus on reading a poster on the wall opposite or simply focus on feeling your muscles working. Being mindful and being present in the moment is really important – don’t focus on the negativity which might be trying to persuade you into giving in.



Maybe you’re dreaming of achieving some of your life goals, dreaming of the body you’re working towards, or maybe you’re even dreaming of that super chocolatey protein shake you’ve got waiting at the end of the session – Whatever it is, never stop dreaming! I find it SO motivating and fun to dream in my cardio sessions, and engaging in my dreams helps me to visualise where I’m heading and makes me feel clearer on what I need to do to get there. For me personally, dreaming is the best thing about cardio, and it’s one of the reasons I love it so much. ❤️

How do you survive your cardio workouts? Let me know in the comments below! 😘

-Bea xx


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