Introduction to Nutrition


So my latest Instagram post seemed to generate a few direct messages to do with nutrition. Questions such as ‘Do you follow any specific diets?’, ‘Do you have protein shakes?’, and general queries about what I eat on a daily basis. To be totally honest with you guys it’s absolutely well and truly spontaneous! I live at home with my brothers, sister and parents, so my diet is made up of pretty much whatever we have in the fridge – It’s not too creative or overly complicated.

I do fall into routine, though – Which is quite easy when you’re working full-time..

For breakfast I always have a bowl of Protein World Slender Porridge. I say always, because unless I’m not at home and physically not able to eat it at breakfast time.. I will genuinely have it for breakfast every single day haha. This isn’t because it’s reputable as the ‘healthiest breakfast’, or that it’s ‘better’ than other choices because it isn’t. I just have it everyday simply because I love it! – This particular porridge is also Gluten Free and high in Protein, which I love because I don’t feel sluggish or bloated at all after eating it. If I were to recommend a flavour I’d say Vanilla because it’s my favourite for sureee😍 (Although the chocolate is pretty sensational too!).

Because I work in an office during the day, my lunch is normally something I’ve prepared the night before and can bring to work in a plastic container. I vary between a sweet potato filled with tuna and low fat mayonnaise or a chicken salad (..Wild..I know..😂). I’ll normally only have soup if it’s one we’ve made from scratch at home because I find it tastes so much nicer made from fresh ingredients rather than taken from a tin!

Dinner is usually quite a low carb meal because our family eats quite late during the week. It’s nice to eat together and catch up on each others’ day when we’re all at home, so we try to fit tea in at a time where we can eat together as a family. My mum and dad are currently training for weight loss and as my dad is a Personal Trainer, they’re totally into health, fitness and eating a balanced diet. Dinner is normally packed with protein (such as chicken breast, fish or red meat) and accompanied with lots of veggies either steamed or in a stir fry.

I don’t normally snack during the day, but if I’m feeling hungry I’ll grab a pot of fruit from the café beneath our office. It’s usually full of sliced watermelon, apple, pineapple, strawberries/blueberries/raspberries and my all time favourite – mango. It’s a nice refreshing snack which I do enjoy, and I’d usually have this mid-morning. We do also have a small bowl of grapes/strawberries or a warmed up bowl of mixed Summer Fruits with a spoon of low fat creme fresh and a teaspoon of sugar after dinner occasionally which is always so lovely!

Talking about Protein Shakes – I’ll always have at least one shake per day, and my go-to right now is the Maxi Muscle Promax Milk.  I’ll always have my protein shake straight after a workout; whether that be cardio or strength training, and even on rest days I’ll still make sure I have one. I love the Promax Milk because I genuinely find that they taste really nice! My favourite flavour is Chocolate, but I do also love the Strawberry. They’re great for someone like me who’s normally in a rush because as they’re already mixed, there’s no need for me to carry round a shaker, milk and powder all day. They’re definitely my favourites at the moment. 🙌

To be completely clear, I’m definitely not an expert on nutrition and I’ll accept that although I try to eat healthily, sometimes I do ‘mess up’- But that’s life. To be totally honest and open I struggle with calories and guilt from eating certain food groups and have done for a very long time but that’s something I’m working on day-in-day-out. The great thing about exercise is that not only is it physically challenging, but it also helps to clear our mind and benefits us mentally, too.

I love reading up about health and fitness, and developing on my own journey I’m doing a lot of research into nutrition and how to fuel your body in the best ways. I’ll be sharing my research right here on BEA SWEATS, so if you’re keen to join me and maybe even learn some new tips, make sure to check out my Nutrition blog series. I’ll be challenging myself and changing my own diet for sure, and with plans to try out new, healthy recipes, look out for lots of #HealthyFood Inspo pics coming up soon!

I feel really thankful that I’m naturally a lover of pretty much all healthy foods, and grateful that I have a family who support a healthy lifestyle. But my advice to anybody who maybe doesn’t enjoy fruit and vegetables quite so much is to just try your best! Try new things, read up on nutrition and a balanced diet and experiment with different tastes and textures. Taking baby steps will help you to form habits, and taking your time to make little changes will allow you to build a nutritional regime which you really do enjoy. ❤️

-Bea xx


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