Pyramid ABS!

So today marks a new week, which in itself means new goals, new challenges and a new outlook. To be completely honest with you I woke up today in a really positive mood, and life-tip for anybody who wants it – Wacking on a super fun and energetic playlist first thing whilst you’re brushing your teeth really helps brighten the usual Monday mood!

As I work somewhere with it’s own gym, it makes sense for me to do my gym before I go to work and so I’m usually finished with my daily workout before 8am. I’m super lucky in that the gym I attend has Personal Training sessions once per week which comes as standard with your membership, and so it’s now become routine that I always meet up with my trainer on a Monday morning. Because I only get half an hour one-on-one, I normally take the opportunity to focus on one particular area of my body with a completely new routine put together by my trainer, Sam, and I do this in addition to the three Kayla resistance workouts which I complete towards the end of the week.

Today we did a ‘pyramid workout’ – And I was so ready for it! (…until we got to round 3 and my tummy was pretty much yelling at me to stop haha🙈) Nevertheless though, I’ve put the workout details below for you guys to have a try, and I’ll be uploading a short video of myself completing it as well if you fancy doing it together. If you’re looking for an ‘abs’olute (sorry) killer workout for your middle – I’d definitely recommend giving this one a go!

Pyramid Workout – ABS

Round 1:  x 10 Hanging leg raises followed by x 10 Hanging Knees to Chest

Round 2: x 20 Side-to-Side Snap Jumps followed by x 20 Mountain Climbers

Round 3: x 30 Leg Raises followed by x 30 Flutter Kicks

Round 4: x 40 Ab Bikes followed by x 40 Spiderman Pushups

Round 5: x 50 Toe Touches followed by x 50 Reverse Lower Body Crunches

Round 6: x 60 Commandos followed by x 60 Out/In Snap Jumps with Opposite Shoulder Touches

Complete each round working your way up from Round 1 to Round 6, and then once you’ve completed round 6 have a 1 minute rest. Once you’re ready, complete the whole circuit again only this time completing it backwards from round 6 back to round 1.

Good luck!

I’ll be uploading my own video of this workout this Saturday to both my blog and Instagram @bea.sweats 💪👊

Did any of you guys workout today? If so, what did you focus on? And pleaseee let me know if you have a go at our ABS Pyramid Workout! Let me know what you think!

-Bea x

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  1. priya says:

    I hate pyramids haha!! But I love how I feel afterwards! Great post x


    1. Bea Bradshaw says:

      Haha absolutely me too! If we can do pyramids.. we can do anything 💪 Thanks so much! X

      Liked by 1 person

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